Forging is a process that shapes and moulds a piece of metal into the desired shape.

Another method of doing this is called casting, however, it is a very different process to forging. Casting is manufactured by pouring liquid metal into a mould, the hot liquid will then fill the desired shape and solidify.


Forging is an industry that is used worldwide, with some forging still being done by hand but most nowadays is manipulated into the required shapes by many different tools.

There are many different types of casting such as die-casting, plaster casting, sand casting and investment casting. Each one of these processes provides their own benefits.

Like casting there are many different types of forging, including hot and cold forging, open die forging, impression dies forging and seamless rolled ring forging.

The main types are hot and cold forging, the difference between these two processes are:

Cold Forging: this process increases the strength of the metal, by forging at room temperature.

Hot forging: this process is better for producing optimum strength high ductility and low hardness.

Whichever process of forging you use, there are common defects that can occur such as:

Cold shut: This can cause small cracks in the corners.

Unfilled Section: a section that does not fill

Scale Pits

Improper grain growth

Surface cracking


An old school blacksmith will usually carry out forging by hand, he will use tools or a steam-hammer to help him forge the metals into the desired shape.


The only metal that cannot be forged is cast iron because the carbon content is over 2% so it has a low melting point and is very brittle so cannot be used for forging.


Dell Latitude Laptops

Dell Latitude Laptops are well made, robust and affordable. Although not the cheapest laptops to buy they are certainly not the most expensive…and whatever you do spend , we can pretty much guarantee you will be happy with it and it will be money well spent.

Dog looking at laptop

Dell Latitude Laptops are business class, the other model Inspiron are more for at home use. The cost of a Latitude laptop is probably about double the cost of the Inspiron model, but you really do get what you pay for, it is worth spending the extra to get a laptop that does everything that you need it too.

If you are unsure as to whether to buy a Dell Latitude laptop or a desktop , a laptop is obviously better if you need to be more mobile, a desktop is a lot more customizable, so it really just depends which one suits you really.

If you do opt for a Dell Latitude laptop, make sure you pick the one that is right for you, ensure the resolution and display type suits your requirements. Select the right size screen. Also make sure you have the right OS, ports, and processor.

A new Dell Latitude laptop should last you at least 5 years if you look after it, it has been known to last double that if it taken care of properly. They are quite robust and do not tend to break unless something dramatic happens to it, like being dropped more than a few times.


CCTV Installers

Knife Crime and CCTV Installation in Birmingham

cctv installation birmingham

Today it was reported that knife crime is seeing the steepest increase in areas outside London. Those under 24 are the most likely to carry a knife. In the West Midlands, nearly 700 school children were victims of knife crime in the West Midlands. 41 of these crimes were committed by children of primary school age. Further information shows that 690 children, under 17, in 2018, were attacked or threatened with a knife in the Birmingham region. In fact, there are reports that Birmingham has overtaken London in the number of stabbings since January.

As knife crime increases around the West Midlands, there is sense of foreboding in Birmingham city. Young people only feel safe when carrying a knife and this, in turn, increases the amount of knife crime. There are reports that this comes from funding cuts and this means schools and local businesses who’s carparks and surrounding areas are frequently used as knife crime sites cannot d much to decrease knife crime. CCTV installers, however, can increase the feelings of safety and in a few cases deter knife crime from happening in a certain area.

Schools will benefit from CCTV installers due to the nature of the increase in knife crime. Young people are those most targeted by knife crime and are the most likely to commit knife crime. With CCTV Installation in Birmingham schools, parents and children will feel safer. CCTV is found to be more effective in enclosed areas, where there are no blind spots. So, a school is a good area to have CCTV Installation Birmingham.

Although we can in no way promise that CCTV installation in Birmingham will reduce the level of knife crime in the City, it can help to prosecute those who carry a knife or commit a crime using a knife. Equally, many feel safer with CCTV installation in place, even if there isn’t an effect on the level of violent crime in the city. Improving the mental wellbeing of a city can only be positive and therefore, CCTV Installers are recommended. When CCTV is in place there is a positive effect on the city and we therefore strongly recommend the installation of CCTV.

The Importance of Buying Branded USB Drives from Online Stores. 

USB is a term used to denote Universal Serial Bus and considered as a high pace communication method for transferring data and information from one computer to another very easily and conveniently. The USB flash drive can easily be connected with the means of plugging into USB ports for the transfer of data as it makes use of modern technology for the confidentiality of the data. It is a hi-tech data storage device that has super fast speed for increasing the efficiency of the work as there are a large number of branded usb drives that offers different storage sizes for storing data.

You have the option of buying branded usb drives as these are available in different designs and colors along with different sizes according to the needs of the users. The sizes of the usb flash drives can range from as small as 128 Mb to as large as 256 GB but the most commonly used usb flash drives includes 1gb, 2gb, 4 gb, 8 gb, 16 gb, 32 gb, 64gb, 128gb and 256 gb. Usb flash drives can be used on every electronic gadget as it offers maximum storage options. It does not compromise on the amount of data that you can store and it does not restrict any kind of format for the data to be stored.

You have the option of buying branded usb drives from online stores where you can get online shipping facility from online stores of the USB manufacturer. There three most common types of usb flash drives that are sold online include twister flash drives, leather usb flash drives and metal usb flash drives. You also have the option of ordering your usb flash drives according to the needs and purpose of your business so that you can get something that can meet your requirements. There are many online stores that offers these branded usb drives at an affordable price.